Stillo's Venti WRC - Innovative Wireless Communication Technology

The new VENTI WRC has been rolled out in what is going to be a memorable date in Stilo’s history. The innovative rally helmet produced by the Italian company introduces a revolutionary wireless concept within in-cockpit communication.

Named VENTI WRC to celebrate the first twenty years since the founding of Stilo and to evoke its 100% 'Made in Italy' nature, this model builds on the successful WRC Helmet series that was introduced when the company was founded. The WRC Series later on evolved into the WRC DES that allowed Stilo to win 16 world titles in a row and countless European and National titles.

The VENTI WRC is a ground-breaking product in the new era of Stilo history due to the Stilo Wireless Technology it is equipped with, reaching a whole new level in communication between driver, co-driver and crew-service park staff. Stilo technicians developed a helmet that is lighter but also houses an innovative wireless key that can be inserted instead of cable and is totally integrated into the shape of the helmet.

This simple but essential object, combined with a new and completely digital intercom named DiGi Wireless, allows the crew to be connected at all times, even when it is necessary to get out of the car due to an incident or to perform quick fixes to the car during the stages. This is a ground-breaking innovation that allows continuous flow of information between driver and co-driver and with the service park team.

On top of this, there is no more need for cable connections which improves the life within the cockpit, while bringing communication to unprecedented levels.

The Stilo Wireless Technology is combined with a crash helmet, the VENTI WRC, that has specifically been designed around this technology to meet the needs of drivers and co-drivers, not only supporting their performance and comfort, but also meeting the highest safety standards. Designed to adapt to every driver with as small a shell as possible, the VENTI WRC also introduced a new microphone holder slimmer to improve visibility and featuring a new design in its frontal area to deviate the external noise and improve the input audio signal.

The design of the helmet has also been improved and the frontal area features a more aggressive look, while the interior has been modified for even higher comfort. Importantly, all the versions of VENTI WRC (i.e. 8860, Carbon and Zero 8860) benefit from the Puro Technology, a new technology developed by Stilo in Italy to avoid the external transparent painting which reduces the overall weight while retailing the same quality of finishing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with the current helmets like my composite WRC or Carbon Piuma?

Stilo Strongly advises against this option. Though the electronics will technically work, the Venti is designed around the Wireless Key. Not only is the port more recessed and in a more forward location, it also has a different configuration allowing the key to sit deeper and thus more unobtrusive. Using with a current helmet is not advised as it does not sit flush when installed and also is too close to the FHR Posts.

How much is it?

Contact 1st Race sales team

What do I need to purchase?

You can purchase the wireless key separately (one per helmet, comes with charging cable) and a wireless intercom. You can also buy a kit comprising of 2 x wireless key, and 1 x intercom. The benefit of the kit is they come pre-paired and thus a true 'plug and play' solution.

How long will the batteries last?

The batteries last about 5 hours, and can easily re-charged with the accompanying magnetic USB charging cable

 What is the range?

The range is approximately 10 metres from the wireless intercom. This is an in-car communication but allows communication on the periphery of the vehicle when working on any repairs.

 What about my GoPro, can I use it?

The Wireless intercom has an audio outlet for this purpose (and can be used with any type of camera)

What about practice headsets?

Practice headsets will also be available

Will the Venti helmet work with my current (wired) Stilo intercom?

Yes, just plug it in!

Will there be a ST5R Version?

Yes, there will, the main difference will be the recessed port on the right side will be for the new key, and it will be called the ST5R WL (available in Carbon Fibre only)

How does it work with my phone?

You can connect your phone to the digital intercom using BT

Can I use it with my 2-way radio?

Yes, adapter kits and cables are available (Kenwood, Motorola etc.)