Not Only 1st on the Podium - Bell Competition Helmets

We know that many Motorsport competitors who make it to the top step of the podium, trust Bell Helmets to keep themselves safe. But what many people might not know, is that Bell was the first company to:

  •         Be Snell certified
  •         To introduce an energy absorbing liner system
  •         Build a full-face helmet
  •         Produce fire retardant helmet
  •         Have an aerodynamic helmet
  •         Offer an anti-fog shield
  •         Receive homologation FIA 8860 “super helmet”.

It’s that same forward thinking that defines everything Bell does and is exhibited in every high-performance racing helmet they build. Delivering the ultimate in protection, innovation, technology and reliability, it’s no wonder why more champions have proudly worn Bell Helmets than any other brand.

For over 65 years, our commitment to innovative design and progressive approach to safety has defined Bell Racing. That same attention to detail continues today throughout our entire line of products making each Bell helmet unique and worthy of being worn by the world’s best drivers.