TANK - WATER 350ml - XA5303

R 580.00

WATER TANK 350ml - XA5303
1. The radiator breather tank kit is designed for racing engines as well as today’s compact production engines.
2. It's a more efficient way to fill and maintain the cooling system, and ensure any air in the system can escape.
3. This works by allowing you to connect popular coolant passages such as the lower radiator hose, cylinder head, expansion tank or radiator neck in key spots together, to allow your system to vent, so no air bubbles will get trapped in the system, causing coolant to not flow optimally, and cause you to overheat.
4. One of the most crucial aspects to maintaining your engine, and your car's performance, is ensuring your engine can run cool, and the cooling system can operate as intended.
5. Eliminate the air bubble from over heating.
6. Come with radiator cap.
7. Fitting Kit Mounting bracket.
8. Idea for Track or Drift Car.
* Material: Aluminium Alloy.
* Capacity: 350ml.
* Diameter Tank: 60mm .
* Overall length with cap: 205mm.
* Barbed ports: 5/16" / 8mm.