R 330.00



PETROLFIX is a 100% organic product and Proudly South African.

PETROLFIX is a generic petrol fuel which produces best results by eradicating the water content in petrol/gasoline. It does not alter the characteristics of the petrol itself, hence making it 100% safe to use in all types of engines. PETROLFIX is not an "additive" and it conforms to the petrol requirements of all petrol operated vehicles and equipment.

How does PETROLFIX work?

All petroleum fuels (Hydrocarbon) are Hygroscopic, meaning they have the tendency to absorb moisture from the air. The moisture remains adrift in the petrol in the form of microscopic droplets, and being a liquid within a liquid it is invisible. The moisture/water increases over time which causes separation of ethanol from petrol. The results of which is damaging to combustion engines over a period of time as well as a decrease in fuel efficiency.

PETROLFIX eradicates all contamination by creating the chemical conversion of water into fuel-soluble, fully combustible lubricant.

The Ultimate Petrol Decontaminant.

Benefits of using PETROLFIX

  • Substantial financial savings.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced engine wear and other damage caused by contamination.
  • Up to 25% longer engine life.
  • Reduces high ethanol levels which cause misfiring and engine spluttering.

The credibility of the results are beyond question and is supported by those who use PETROLFIX.