Race Car Window Nets for Increased Safety

The FIA strongly recommends the use of window nets as a safety device, as additional protection for the driver's head and upper body in the event of a crash or rollover.

Benefits of using a window net in a racing car include:

  • Prevents driver ejection: In the event of a rollover, the window net prevents the driver from being ejected from the car. This can prevent serious injuries or even death.
  • Prevents debris from entering the cockpit: During a crash, debris can fly into the cockpit and injure the driver. The window net acts as a barrier, preventing debris from entering the cockpit and hitting the driver.
  • Provides additional protection during side impacts: In a side impact, the window net can help prevent the driver's head and upper body from hitting the side of the car or other objects.


Overall, a window net is an important safety device that can help protect the driver during a crash or rollover. It is a simple yet effective way to increase the safety of racing cars and prevent serious injuries or fatalities.


1st Race carries a range of safety nets, including the Sabelt range that is FIA approved. Call us on 010 786 032 for more information.

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